"It's tough to compete with beer!" was the conclusion from our colleagues after competing in this year's Arctic IoT challenge (ARIoT). We sent eight of our colleagues to represent Itera at the annual IoT hackathon.

Written by Magnus Bae, Consultant at Itera. 

ARIoT is an annual event arranged in the wintery hills of Holmenkollen in Oslo. This year 7 teams participated, and with the total amount of participants doubling since the challenge's inception last year it now was over 40 participants battling for glory. With more people and more teams the battle was fiercer than ever. Could our concepts hold their own?

This year we split our participation into two teams and two concepts. Team TrashTalk had decided to tackle the issue of smarter and more efficient municipal garbage collection. Undoubtedly inspired by the Veireno issues in Oslo, could their smart garbage bin solve any issues? The second team, Team SmartAss, had opted to focus on welfare technology; the goal to improve quality of life for people in nursing homes or hospitals, or elderly living at home.

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