Our approach

We help our customers to understand and respond to digitalisation and new technology. We do this by focusing on six core areas.

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1. We understand the drivers, trends and consequences of digitalisation

We know what is driving digitalisation and are quick to identify important trends across industries. We analyse and understand the consequences for our customers’ businesses and provide them with fact-based support for small and large decisions alike as they respond to digitalisation. 

2. We identify the commercial opportunities that are being created by digitalisation and new technology 

Tech-driven innovation and digitalisation are changing industries overnight. Cloud platforms are revolutionising what is possible in terms of creating smart services by using large amounts of data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, AR, VR, digital twins and other new technologies. We help our customers use these technologies in order to ensure they remain competitive in tomorrow’s market. 

3. We know that people are the users of the solutions we develop, hence we seek to understand what drives them

We always have a customer-centric approach in our work. We have a robust, well-tested methodology for designing solutions that give users the best, most effective user experience possible. 

4. We advise at critical digital crossroads 

We help companies set their course and make the recurring digital choices they face. Understanding the opportunities and threats being created by technology is important but is not enough. It is just as crucial to understand how technology is affecting people, brands and markets. We bring these perspectives together to create digital strategies and change programs that deliver short-term gains and long-term results.  

5. We ensure that companies can invest profitably in people and technology  

We identify the realistic cost and revenue potential of given options. We also identify barriers and risk factors that need to be overcome to ensure financial and strategic targets are met. We also combine continuous measurement and take the necessary action along the way to ensure that hard and soft gains are realised continuously. 

6. We work to transfer our expertise, meaning our customers gain ongoing value   

Delivering good solutions is not enough for us. The expertise that the customer is left with will often turn out to be just as valuable. We work closely with customers to define how we can best transfer our expertise to them. Expertise programs are adapted to the individual customer to strengthen its organisation and put it in a position to succeed over time – including after we have provided our delivery. 


Everything we do is based on three principles 


...we do not guess - we ask

We seek to know what our customer wants, thinks and expects of us. If we are in any doubt, we ask.

...we understand the problem before looking at solutions 

We give ourselves time to understand the problem. We address its root cause, not its symptoms. 

...we rely on facts rather than assumptions

We look at problems from multiple points of view in order to ensure our decisions are as fact-based as possible.