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For nearly 10 years, Itera has offered project deliveries based on a nearshore hybrid delivery model. These projects are carried out by teams composed of local consultants in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and with consultants from Slovakia and Ukraine.

Our hybrid delivery model supports a comprehensive range of engagement models from team extension, to fixed price projects and SLA's. At Itera, we have integrated our hybrid delivery model seamlessly into our Nordic organization.

We use the Resource Pyramid methodology to analyze and proactively improve our customers' organizational efficiency. We do this by combining a variety of junior-, middle- and senior-level consultants across borders. The Resource Pyramid ensures efficient allocation, deployment, and utilization of resources.


Built to adapt with a two-speed approach

In today's disruptive environment, delivery strategies need to move away from "built to last" to "built to adapt". Itera's hybrid model supports a two-speed (or bimodal) approach. This is in order to keep up with the ongoing digital evolution, and still ensure a controlled level of risk. Regardless of location, all Itera offices are based on the samt organizational structures, and all Itera employees apply the same skilled, agile methodology and business framework for managing customers, data, processes and employees.

Sourcing. With Itera's hybrid delivery model you'll get access to skilled Eastern and Central European IT consultants. Our nearshore delivery centers are located in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Kiev (Ukraine). It is only a 2-3 hours flight away from the Nordic capitals and on the same time-zone, which assures consultants' availability within normal business hours.

Processes. Itera applies one governance model that ensures effective collaboration between cross-border teams on strategic, tactical and operational levels.

Culture. Eastern European culture and way of doing business is comparable to Scandinavian. Furthermore, all consultants pass comprehensive due diligence to assure compliance with ONE Itera culture. Only skilled, passionate and innovative people join Itera. Powered by local resources, our hybrid delivery model eliminates any possible cultural barriers with our customers.

Team Confidence. Within the hybrid delivery model, multiple consultant retention measures are in place assuring attrition level close to five percent. Supported by strong focus on knowledge management, and effective on- and off-boarding, scaling and rotations do not have any negative impact on business, and assure effective collaboration and predictability.

Security. Because Itera has many customers in the banking and insurance sector, we were the first Nordic vendor to implement Binding Corporate Rules (BCR). This means we are able to make intra-organizational transfers of personal data across borders in compliance with EU Data Protection Law. Moreover, this approval releases our customers from carrying out application process with the national data protection authorities. Last but not least, we engage fully with other international bodies and communities in the countries in which we are present, including with chambers of commerce, European Business Associations (EBAs) and other bodies.

Why hybrid delivery?

  • Scalability, Flexibility and Efficiency. It can often take up to two weeks from project request to having the right resources available to the customer. By using the hybrid delivery model, we'll be able to offer the ideal resources in an instance,which will result in a reduce in risks, inefficiencies, re-work, and expenses.
  • Success guaranteed. Mature processes assure 99+ percent success rate for Itera hybrid projects.
  • Be heard and understood. Our teams outside Norway share the same values as our customers in Norway, on all levels from company management to individual consultants. This means that we listen, understand and know our customers.
  • Continuity. Project deficiency is less than 5%, and replacement processes assure no lack in service quality or performance. We guarantee no security incidents related to customer data loss, damage or disclosure.
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